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  5. Fender Twin Reverb / Music Man / Fender Mustang / Peavey Standard 240
    Gretsch Renown Maple drums / Music Man HD-150 Reverb / Fender Quad Reverb
    Death By Audio Fuzz War
    Boss DS-1 / TU-2
    ABY Box / Death By Audio Fuzz War / Morley WVO Wah Volume


    Ty Segall 9/19/12

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  6. Anonymous said: who was the boy in your story who said the thing about the nudes?

    His name is Hogwarts_2k14 (oldman2tail)

    6foot 0

    Aspiring Skateboard rider

    Luvs/hates Dogs

    Fan of Snapchat

    Luvs to Dance

    7inch Penis

    Great/semi good Guy.


  7. Anonymous said: What day r u seeing Ty Segall?? I'm going the 29 ;-)

    idk depends on what day my friend goes

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  9. im vry excited for this

  10. hairybelli:

    Logie foot planty

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