1. POP VOODOO. celebrating 4/20


  2. Anonymous asked: You should do me if you wanna do somthing



  3. Anonymous asked: you're hair is so gorgeous



  4. Anonymous asked: your blog is utter perfection and so are you. whats it gonna take for a girl to get your attention?

    Smh thx ! Umm u could just talk to me that usually works ahah! Message me


  5. Anonymous asked: One time i watched a movie about islander who were half monkeys and had heat ray vison and onky ate humans that washed up from ship wrecks. That shit fucked me up

    that’s sick!

  6. cheap-fun:

    me covering the song Oaxaca by Froth. This is my new omnichord and the first time I’ve ever recorded myself singing. I don’t sing lol. Hope u like it (:

    one time I sang and played my omnichord and covered a Froth song and got a lot of notes!

  7. angelaamy:

    Omnichord Sessions

    Froth (JooJoo) — “Oaxaca”

    In love


  8. quiet girls have more to say
    they have more meaningful things to say
    when they chose to talk it’s cuz it’s important

  9. ko-zuma:

    Blake Anderson at Ty Segall’s set

    (via palenka)