1. Anonymous said: r u into anyone rn

    yeah im into Skye Ferreira


  2. sadmusicforsadbastards:

    But I let the dream go
    And the promises broke
    And the make-believe ran out

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  4. Dead Kennedys, Mabuhay Gardens.
    San Francisco, Ca.

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  5. soundrops:

    Ty Segall…

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  6. coitusandcarnage:

    Creature from the Black Lagoon

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  7. hello world hi how are you doing im good just wanting to be a human

  8. jeremyscurto:

    Glendale Blvd

    [Polaroid 600SE, 127mm f4.7, FP-100c]

    Polaroid Photography by Jeremy Scurto

    Hey it’s me !!!!!!

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  9. cheap-fun:

    Oaxaca by Froth cover! lol I’m not a singer -_-

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  10. my coworker took this picture